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Urban Parking Israel

Company Profile

Urban Parking – the future is here

Urban Parking Company Ltd. was established in 2018 for the purpose of providing advanced parking solutions for urban environments and was established by a team with vast experience in robotic parking, in construction and extensive know-how in complex electro-mechanical systems.

Urban Parking – the answer to advanced parking

Supply and maintenance of advanced robotic parking facilities – the company imports and supplies advanced systems from three leading manufacturers worldwide, installs the system and maintains it in accordance with the strict instructions of the manufacturer.

Providing end-to-end solutions in the field of automated parking – Urban Parking company has the tools to accompany the customer from the design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance stages.

Assisting in providing complex engineering solutions adapted to existing buildings and new projects – The systems are manufactured in countries where demand is for systems with hundreds of parking spaces and most projects in Israel require adjustment and change from the existing standard. A strong connection to the companies' engineering is a necessary condition for the success of the project.

We have chosen to be part of the whole process in order to ensure that the supplied product will work according to requirements and over time and that the end customer, the tenant, will benefit from the services provided by advanced parking solutions.

Leading Manufacturers – In order to supply a quality product that will operate over time, long-term working relationships have been established with leading manufacturers in the global market. Since the requirements of the Israeli market are varied, a portfolio of products is built, with the customer offering a suitable facility from one of the three companies according to the advantages of each company. The three products are CE certified and approved by TUV.

Shin Woo Korea – one of the leading companies in the field of robotic parking in Korea, with proven experience (installed 600 systems in Korea and the Far East). Specializing in robotic parking systems with a central conveyor belt capable of rotating the vehicle during transportation and parking systems of a tower or stack type.

Parkolay Turkey – one of the leading companies in the field of parking systems in Turkey, has extensive experience in the field (installed hundreds of systems in Turkey and Europe). Together with a German partner, established its systems for 20 years and now has independent design, production and installation capabilities. Specializes in mechanical and robotic parking systems of the highest density.

Dayang China – one of the leading companies in automatic parking and semi-automatic parking in China, installed hundreds of systems in China, the Far East and more recently in Europe. With a strong engineering body that enables the provision of non-standard solutions suitable for the Israeli market. Specializing in tower systems and systems with central conveyor belt.

Our team


Boaz Englander

Engineer, with vast experience in large-scale project management, CEO of Yael Israel, which operates in the area of ​​urban renewal and real estate.


Sorin Ardet

Systems and Aeronautics engineer, has a vast experience in the field of complex electro-mechanical systems and large-scale project management.

Sales VP

Gil Admati

MA in Business Administration, with vast experience in managing marketing in a variety of fields, gained extensive knowledge in automated parking systems.


Zohar Englander

Specializes in real estate and real estate taxation, accompanied by commercial and residential projects, including projects of rural renewal.

Head of maintenance Team

Danny Ifergan

Mechanical technician with vast experience in maintenance and installation, specializing in electro-mechanical and hydraulic systems.

HEAD OF engineering TEAM

Elad Damri

Mechanical engineer, has a vast experience in the field of complex electro-mechanical systems and large-scale project management.

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